Monday, July 23, 2012

"Pink Rose Photo" iPhone & iPod Cases by artonwear | Redbubble

"Pink Rose Photo" iPhone & iPod Cases by artonwear | Redbubble:


  1. I am planning to buy the iPhone 5. All my accessories will be garbaged off as The dock connector is now 19 pin. I so hoped I would not have to buy new accessories and the iPhone has always been a cannibalizable device. Is it true for the cases and covers as well?


    1. Hi Sophie,

      I am not sure if iPhone 5 will have new design. It usually is. iPhone 4/4S use same cases. iPhone 3 is different case. iPad 1 cases is not god for iPad 2 or new one. There is a sleeve that is god for iPad 2 and 3.

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