Sunday, April 3, 2011


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Today I am googling Custom T-Shirts. I will be doing this for all of the product that offers, and than I compare it to what I find on the web. All this started when I tried  to see how my site www.artonwear ranks on google searches. I did not expect to see, but time was among on top. It is about time.
Now on with the review. There is so many of places for Custom T-Shirts.,,, and few otters. There where among top 10 searches.
1) CHOICES ON TYPE OF SHIRTS: has almost everything the other had, but had some. 
2)CUSTOMIZATION: Artonwear hands down. I still did not find anyone that has customization tools like we do. With artonwear, you really get realistic view if the product you are customizing. With our customization you can see t-shirts on many models with different body types for mow realistic view of our t-shirts.
3) CHOICES OF DESIGNS: Artonwear with dazzle offers over 30 categories to choose from. Each category will have 100,000 designs. You really can not beet that.
4)EAZE TO NAVIGATION:  and Very easy to navigate. It is almost hard to be lost. I find lot of site that get me lost within few clicks. 
So my question is: DO YOU ZAZZLE! Thank you dazzle for bringing such a wonderful site for custom products.
We have over 250 different products to choose from and most of them are customizable.

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