Monday, April 4, 2011

Shop for a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Today I googled Custom Tote Bags. I looked at top 10 searches. One thing they all had in common, there was a minimum order 100. 
Some like had 300 min. order with 70 dollars setup fee. Maybe OK if you need large quantity. 
I also looked at totally They had 125 min.order. I could not figure out if they had set up fee. My guess is that they do. There price was 0.99 at 125 bags. Again not everybody needs that many bags was next store I looked. The only print 4 colors, minimum was 6 bags, and the price was steep.Over 27 dollars per bag. If you order 12 price is $18.10. Still a lot of money for a tote.
4allPromos, has min of 100 with $8 per bag with $55 setup fee.
Zazzle ranked 5 on google searches, but in my opinion this is far best place for tote bags.
Artonwear and Zazzle You don't have to buy multiples of the same bag to receive a quantity discount. You'll receive a quantity discount on any order of 11 or more bags! No setup fees ether. 
Our discounts are
11 - 25 bags 10% off
26 - 50 bags 15% off
51 - 100 bags 20% off
101 - 250 bags 30% off
251+ bags 35% off
You can mix and meth to get the discount.
Also I would like to point out that we have over 30 different categories, nicely laid out, easy to navigate and customize. Choose from 100's of thousands designs, designed by artist all over the world.
We have several styles, with endless number of designs. Surly you vill find something for every taste. You think of it and we have it.
For best an coolest bags anywhere.
Visit us and see the difference.
Dushan Medich

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