Friday, April 1, 2011

iPhone Cases Review

iPhone4 Custom Cases  

Images by Zazzle and Contributors
I was thinking that choice for iPhone cases would be better than the iPads. iPhone had few generations and I thought I for sure would find great choices. But it was not so.
Again I went true top 10 searches, and overall, it was confusing. I could not customize anything if my life depended on it. Very user unfriendly.

Some of the product that claimed to be iPhone cases, where not Cases. Maybe dust protectors. Some of them where very expensive too($200 plus).
However I did find one site I thought that they looked comparable to cases. On closer inspection, i concluded that these cases are not that nice after all. It was basically rubber that you can put an image on it, and selection was very small. Navigation  was painful. You can only look one case at the time. It was impossible to have a snapshot of the chooses they offered. Customization was not clear, and every time you clicked on anything, you will see lot of thins moving around. too heavy on flash. Spear me your flash skills, I am here to look at the cases. it is always funny to se, when sites miss the point. To me, It is all about the product. Make sure it is easy to navigate, no entrains elements,please.
Also, images of the product where too small, no magnification feature, no showing of similar products.

To conclude, if you are looking for iPhone cases, go to and see the difference. You will be amazed with the selection, presentation, and ease to navigate. Most of all, our customization is friendly and intuitive like no the site that is claiming to have custom iphone cases.

We have over 250 different product you can customize, and no one comes even close to  in association with

Our iPhone cases are grouped by categories and we have 100 of thousands of iPhone cases, designed by registered artists from all over the wold. Sure to find your style. Choose from Funny iPhone Cases, Fine Art iPhone Cases,  Abstract Art iPhone Cases, Football iPhone Cases, Political iPhone Cases, Pattern iPhone Cases, Star Wars iPhone Cases, Harry Potter iPhone Cases, Street Art iPhone Cases, Artprojekt iPhone Cases (Very Cool). If you can think of a theme we have it.
Or with our intuitive customization proses, you can design you own.

ArtOn Wear - find your style

Dushan Medich

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