Saturday, April 2, 2011


Shop for a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Today I  googled Custom and personable Ornaments. I will be doing this for all of the product that offers, and than I compare it to what I find on the web. All this started tried to see how my site artonwear with association with ranks on google searches. I did not expect to see, but I was surprised I did not see among the results. I know that Zazzle has excellent selection and good quality product. Here is the thought. If I am looking for something, clicking on first results, does not get you best mach. My understanding, that it would.
Now on with the review. Ornaments was actually better than iPad and iPhone cases. I found lot of interesting ornaments I must say. Lot of chooses, lot of different shapes (like that). On some sites even customization was intuitive. Thing with this particular site, they did not have much choices of designs. Very nice selection of shapes, but it stops there. You could basically type in to personalize. Not so unique.
Comparing top 10 searches for "CUSTOM ORNAMENT" to and
1) CHOICES: Probably this one goes to Top 10 Searches. I found much better selections of shapes. Up to 30 different shapes on some sites, while zazzle has 5 plus.

2)CUSTOMIZATION: Zazzle hands down. Within the shapes they offer, no one comes even close. What i like, that you can find design that you like, and than you can customize it. Even better you can make your own.

3) CHOICES OF DESIGNS: Artonwear with dazzle offers over 30 categories to choose from. Each category will have 10,000 designs. You really can not beet that.

4)EAZE TO NAVIGATION: and Very easy to navigate. It is almost hard to be lost. I find lot of site that get me lost within few clicks.

So my question is: DO YOU ZAZZLE! Thank you dazzle fro bringing such a wonderful products and for creating a site that user friendly.

Dushan Medich in association with

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